Glory Christian Ministries is a fulfillment of a God inspired vision through His servant, Dr. I.S James. From a humble beginning through God’s guidance, the vision has become a reality, impacting the lives of millions ever since its establishment.

Founded on the 12th of January 1992, the Church was formally commissioned and dedicated on the 8th of March of the same year. The name of the ministry is a reflection of the prophetic destiny of the church. Indeed, over the past 21 years of our existence, countless lives have been blessed through the ministry, its television outreach and other avenues of the ministry.

We have witnessed the hand of the Lord doing mighty works in the lives of our people, many have been saved, homes and marriages have been restored and our people have made tremendous improvements in their personal lives.

Glory Christian Ministries is located in Ijesha-tedo, a predominantly middle and lower class populated area, a few minutes’ drive from the church is Surulere, one of the most central urban populated parts of Lagos.

We continue to witness the hand of the Lord doing mighty works in the lives of our people, and testimonies abound concerning lives that have been saved, homes and marriages restored and of people making tremendous improvements in their personal lives.


Ours is a 3-phased vision of

“Doing the work of an evangelist.
…Equipping the saints for the work of ministry
…Preparing them for glory…” (2Tim.4:5; Eph.4:12; Is.60:1-3).

MISSION Statement

Communicating the Power and the Values of Practical and Responsible Christianity (PRC).

Understanding the Vision

By vision, we mean the central expressed prophetic purpose of our ministry. However, our definition of purpose contains not only the work of the Lord we are called to do, but also our concept of the character, nature and personality of the Lord Jesus Christ we are to express.

Just as the Lord said to Habakkuk to “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it”, we consider a proper comprehension of our vision essential to its fulfillment. We consider it the only way to run the race with prophetic accuracy and self-restraint.

Our singular passion is to impact our membership with the evangelistic dimension of God’s call – to raise a people who will become God’s epistle of “Practical and Responsible Christianity” to an increasingly cynical world. Our desire is also to be a people of the Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit to live above the standards of this present world, reflecting God’s character and Kingdom lifestyle in our generation.


Sunday Service

First Service – 8.00 am
Second Service – 10.00 am


Wednesday Service

Teaching Service – 6:30 pm


Friday Service

Family Points 6.00/7.00 pm

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Located right on the popular and ever busy Apapa – Oshodi Expressway in Ijesha-Tedo, Lagos, no one driving by will ever miss this beautiful ‘The Gloryland Dome’. Sitting on about four and half acres of land space, the main auditorium can seat over three thousand worshippers with all modern amenities provided for the comfort of worshippers. A smaller building houses the children church and a mini clinic that also serve the church host community.